Digitally sign your email messages on iPhone

You can read why you should digital sign your email messages here.

I assume that you already create your certificate, if not, you can read about it here.

If you send an email from your iPhone to your computer (or anyone), you'll see that isn't digital signed. This is because your iPhone isn't configured to use SMIME.

Digitally sign your email messages on Mail.app

So, why would you want to digital signing your email messages?

I believe it is good to prove that the email sent (and that the other person receives) is really from you and not from someone else pretending to be you. This is specially important when the content of the message is an action to be made. Therefore, digital signing will help the receiver to decide if he/she can trust the content of your email execute that action.

No lets, cut the crap and go down to business.

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