Automator for time-lapse movie

One of the things my wife loves the most is video and photography. Besides having terabytes of data already, she keeps trying out new things and the last one was doing a time-lapse movie with a Nikon D3200 DSLR.

We didn't want to buy an accessory, because the camera isn't ours and it was only to do a quick side project. After some digging we found out that OS X Automator has all we need to do that.

Network issues

I've always had problems with VPNs with OS X. What I'm going to explain next, it might be something that happens on other systems too, but I never had them.

I'm using Network Connect from Juniper Networks and I normally don't turn my mac off when I go anywhere. I always put it in sleep mode (close the lid) and move on... that gives me the extra productivity I need (and always look for).

Homebrew's official tap for PHP formulas

On my previous post I was using the homebrew-php repo that was pointing to https://github.com/josegonzalez/homebrew-php.

Now there is an official repo for these PHP formulas and for those who want to move to it (instead of keep pointing to the alias/redirect), you should do the following:

Mavericks Clean install

The new Mac OS X came out and I was already waiting for it. It has a lot of things that I "need" daily, and therefore I went for a free update (thanks Apple!).

You can see a list of things that are new in Mavericks to understand why I think it's the best thing (after I switch to Mac, around February 2006 - when Apple made the transition to Intel processors).


Web development testing on IE

One of the things every web developer needs to do (sooner or later) is to test his website/webapp in some IE flavor. This is a pain for any Mac, Linux or even Windows user.

For Windows users there are some friendly tools to emulate several IEs, but I've seen that not always work as expected...

Anyway, my favorite way (on Mac OS X) is to use ievms github project which allow you to download the version you need and start testing it.

Develop locally with https

On last post I explained how to make your OS X use Homebrew.

Now I will explain how you can make your develop machine to reply to HTTPS requests so that you can test some use case that you might have with a secure application.

Finally MAMP Free

What I don't like much about MAMP is both the clear separation of the normal and PRO version. Don't get me wrong, you can speed a lot of your "LAMP" setup on a Mac with using MAMP, but for me having to reinstall xhprof, imap ssl and activate xdebug almost every time I update to latest MAMP (or every time I do a clean install on my Mac) it's painful.


If you are like me and enjoy being in the command line all the time (and you are running a Mac), you will certainly enjoy using iTerm2.

You can squeeze all that extra productivity from it, so easily!

Digitally sign your email messages on iPhone

You can read why you should digital sign your email messages here.

I assume that you already create your certificate, if not, you can read about it here.

If you send an email from your iPhone to your computer (or anyone), you'll see that isn't digital signed. This is because your iPhone isn't configured to use SMIME.

Digitally sign your email messages on Mail.app

So, why would you want to digital signing your email messages?

I believe it is good to prove that the email sent (and that the other person receives) is really from you and not from someone else pretending to be you. This is specially important when the content of the message is an action to be made. Therefore, digital signing will help the receiver to decide if he/she can trust the content of your email execute that action.

No lets, cut the crap and go down to business.


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