Email redirect to one user's account

If There are times when you wish your development stack could send some emails, there are times when you don't want them to be sent to the address that was meant to, but rather to yourself. This is crucial on a very volatile environments, where you have several applications and you are always changing from one project to another, and you might forget to change those email addresses that were brought from production! :(

Lets start by creating the /etc/postfix/virtual-regexp file with the following content:

Email relay configuration on your Mac OS X

There are times when you wish your development stack could send some emails. Well, there is an easy way to do that on the Mac OS X (this was tested from the SL, Lion and Mountain Lion, but it should work in other versions, as also with Unix-like systems that, of course, have Postfix installed).

Start by adding these settings to your /etc/postfix/main.cf file:

iCal with week numbers

The new iCal for Mountain Lion has the ability to add the week numbers information to your weeks. This is really well made, since you can see it on the small current month calendar, your day, week, month and year view!

To enable it, just go to the iCal Preferences -> Advanced and tick the box "Show week numbers", and there you go.

If you need this information on older versions of OS X, please google it. You can subscribe to an external iCal that provides that information, but don't expect it to be so neat. :)

Prevent sleep when running scripts

Sometimes we need to execute commands that take some time to execute and normally you have your mac set up to sleep earlier than those scripts need to finish. Personally I don't like to mess with the sleep settings if what I need is temporary (just until the script is over). You can use Caffeine to do that, but I don't like to have several programs running and the need to install one more app just to make simple things. Furthermore, I need something to go back to normal (the sleep settings I had before) after the script is done.


Testing Sublime, the next text editor

I normally use Netbeans to develop on PHP, since it became very good on version 7.1 (I was using Zend Studio previously).

Snap more productivity on a daily basis

BetterSnapTool is a very nice app to have it. You can put windows side by side by just snapping them to the left, right, top left corner, etc..

Using more than one Mac at the same time

For those of you that have at least 2 Macs (like I do), its great to have just one keyboard and mouse to rule them all :)

For that, there is a special, easy to use and configure app that can do that for you. It's called teleport and it's the best thing around for macs.


I'm that kind of guy that is always taking and making notes about everything I have on my head… so I started using Mou since it helps me to "code" my notes. This makes my life easier when I need to share it using some nice formatting of my mental notes.

Now with mountain lion you can also use the Notes app (that comes built in), but for me that is more like shopping list :)

Go ahead and try Mou, you'll be pleased.


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