Finally MAMP Free

What I don't like much about MAMP is both the clear separation of the normal and PRO version. Don't get me wrong, you can speed a lot of your "LAMP" setup on a Mac with using MAMP, but for me having to reinstall xhprof, imap ssl and activate xdebug almost every time I update to latest MAMP (or every time I do a clean install on my Mac) it's painful.

MAMP with XHProf

MAMP doesn't come with XHProf support by default and sometimes we need more than just a simple debug tool with Xdebug.

Just for the record, I'm posting this in the current version of MAMP, that is 2.1.1 and in the Mountain Lion OSX 10.8.1 version. I'm not sure if it works the same way on other versions, but you can leave a comment about it :)

So, how can we enable it and make it work?

PHPUnit with MAMP 2.0

If you are using MAMP and want to use PHPUnit with the MAMP 2.0's Pear, you'll have to do some neat stuff.

For me it's easier to use pear command instead /Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php5.3.14/bin/pear, so in order to do so, I just add the following line to the ~/.bash_profile file:

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