Secure login in Drupal

While its ok to serve a blog or a web page in normal HTTP protocol, when you login into your CMS (or any other web application you might use) should be done using a more secure protocol (HTTPS).

Drupal is a great CMS (I'm never tired of writting this :)) and allows you to serve your pages in standard HTTP while forcing the login to be secure.

Develop locally with https

On last post I explained how to make your OS X use Homebrew.

Now I will explain how you can make your develop machine to reply to HTTPS requests so that you can test some use case that you might have with a secure application.

MAMP with imap ssl

Unfortunately MAMP doesn't come with imap ssl support by default and GMail needs it when you are connecting through imap.

Just for the record, I'm posting this in the current version of MAMP, that is 2.1.1 and in the Mountain Lion OSX 10.8.1 version. I'm not sure if it works the same way on other versions, but you can leave a comment about it :)

You can check if your phpinfo has SSL Support enabled on the imap group.

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