Multiple fields on same slot

When using SugarCRM, some clients might ask to agregate several fields on just one slot on detail views or edit views, because the fields are related or just because they make sense together.

While Studio doesn't provide you with that option, you can do it easily by changing the metadata files for both detail and edit views. Lets see how:

Validation on vardefs

While working with SugarCRM, I noticed that a lot of developers tend to do validations using JS and Logic Hooks while they could just use a more cool feature that exists probably since 5.x.

It just needs a few tweaks on vardefs.php file. Imagine that you have a integer field defined in vardefs and you want to make sure that the user only inputs data within the 110 and 65535 range. You could just add this to the vardef:


Notes as separate subpanel

A while ago, I was asked to do a quick favor on a customer's SugarCRM 6.x instance to separate the Notes sub panel entry into their own sub panel (normally it's shown in History sub panel).

Basically the request was to make a separate Notes panel that would have the description field shown in full, so that they could just see everything on Accounts' Detail views (normally that information is shown on a popup triggered by the "View Summary" button).

I wrote a quick package back then, but here is how you can do it:

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