Automator for time-lapse movie

1 minute to read

One of the things my wife loves the most is video and photography. Besides having terabytes of data already, she keeps trying out new things and the last one was doing a time-lapse movie with a Nikon D3200 DSLR.

We didn't want to buy an accessory, because the camera isn't ours and it was only to do a quick side project. After some digging we found out that OS X Automator has all we need to do that.

Open Automator and in the workflow window add these actions: Take Picture (under Photos), Pause, Loop and Run AppleScript (all under Utilities). When you plug the camera in the Macbook USB port and switch on the camera it will display your camera’s name (if it is compatible). Now, tune your settings to your liking and see the end result on the folder.

You can then convert those photos into movies using iMovie or another application that you prefer. I will leave that to my wife to decide 😉

Have fun with it!