Email redirect to one user's account

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If There are times when you wish your development stack could send some emails, there are times when you don't want them to be sent to the address that was meant to, but rather to yourself. This is crucial on a very volatile environments, where you have several applications and you are always changing from one project to another, and you might forget to change those email addresses that were brought from production! :(

Lets start by creating the /etc/postfix/virtual-regexp file with the following content:


This will let you say that all the emails (in this case) will be sent to the account.

Build the previous file with:

postmap /etc/postfix/virtual-regexp

Add the following lines to the /etc/postfix/ file (presuming you don't have virtualaliasmaps set already):

virtual_alias_maps = regexp:/etc/postfix/virtual-regexp

Good to go. Now test it with something like:

echo 'Email will be arrested at! :)' | mail -s 'Got it!' <>