MAMP with XHProf

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MAMP doesn't come with XHProf support by default and sometimes we need more than just a simple debug tool with Xdebug.

Just for the record, I'm posting this in the current version of MAMP, that is 2.1.1 and in the Mountain Lion OSX 10.8.1 version. I'm not sure if it works the same way on other versions, but you can leave a comment about it 🙂

So, how can we enable it and make it work?


First of all you'll need Xcode and Command Line Tools. Download and install them.

Then you'll need the php 5.4.4 source files used on the options available (we are aiming for php 5.4.4!). You can download them on website.

Unzip it to the /Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php5.4.4/include/php/ folder (create the folders if they don't exist).

Now grab a XHProf from GitHub or pecl and extract it. Move the files to where you want to use it. I normally set it to be aside the php folder extracted above so I can have several XHProf instances for each PHP version I use:

mv ~/Downloads/xhprof-0.9.2/xhprof-0.9.2 /Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php5.4.4/include/xhprof

Let's get ready for build 🙂

Building our

Now we are ready to start compiling the php module. Go to the /Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php5.4.4/include/php/ folder created previously on the terminal and run:


Now go to your XHProf folder and run:

cd extension/
make install

This should get you the module on the right path of the MAMP library on /Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php5.4.4/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20090626/. You only need to enable the module on your php.ini file.

Check where is your php.ini by typing:

php -i | grep php.ini

Edit it and append at the end the following settings:


After restarting your Apache on MAMP, confirm that you can see the xhprof group information with CPU count and version (in my case 0.9.2) on your phpinfo.

Configure your XHProf

You can now read the rest of the information that the pecl package brings on how to use it and configure the ouput folder. I normaly set mine to /tmp/ because it's cleared more regulary (see /etc/defaults/periodic.conf).


Make sure that the output directory you set exists:

mkdir -p /tmp/xhprof

Testing your XHProf settings

You can now use the examples/sample.php file that comes with the pecl package.

cd examples
php sample.php

This will output the file into your xhprof.output_dir settings defined on the php.ini file.

You can now use several tools to check the output like:

For the purposes of this post, lets use the one that comes with xhprof pecl package. Start by making a symbolic link to your default html pages (I use ~/Sites, you might use the default htdocs on MAMP):

ln -s /Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php5.4.4/include/xhprof/xhprof_html/ ~/Sites/xhprof

No open the url of xhprof_html with the run especified by the output file. In my case I ran:

open http://localhost/xhprof/index.php?run=50b3c637482b1&source=xhprof_foo

Because my file was 50b3c637482b1.xhprof_foo.

Feel free to test this output with XHGui or also.

I think I didn't forget anything, but please feel free to comment if I missed any step.