Automator for time-lapse movie

One of the things my wife loves the most is video and photography. Besides having terabytes of data already, she keeps trying out new things and the last one was doing a time-lapse movie with a Nikon D3200 DSLR.

We didn't want to buy an accessory, because the camera isn't ours and it was only to do a quick side project. After some digging we found out that OS X Automator has all we need to do that.

MacBook Pro Repair

Today I decided to fix an old MacBook Pro 15" with my wife.

The Mac wasn't booting, no boot chime and had a solid sleep light always on when we tried to turn it on. There was some information that we found on the internet about a possible Nvidia issue that needed reballing.

We don't have any tools to do reballing and clearly this isn't a quick easy and cheap fix.

Anyway, like I said, it is an old Macintosh and there is nothing to loose.


Replace unhealthy disks in your RAID

I've been a happy user of OpenMediaVault which is basically a nice UI for my storage solution build on top of Debian.

I recently had some disks complaining about bad sectors, and since I don't like having unhealthy disks on my RAID 5, I decided to swap them.

First thing is to identify which disk is failing. I normally receive an email with that information, since I run S.M.A.R.T. reports every week (short test) and every month (long tests).


Network issues

I've always had problems with VPNs with OS X. What I'm going to explain next, it might be something that happens on other systems too, but I never had them.

I'm using Network Connect from Juniper Networks and I normally don't turn my mac off when I go anywhere. I always put it in sleep mode (close the lid) and move on... that gives me the extra productivity I need (and always look for).

Homebrew's official tap for PHP formulas

On my previous post I was using the homebrew-php repo that was pointing to

Now there is an official repo for these PHP formulas and for those who want to move to it (instead of keep pointing to the alias/redirect), you should do the following:

Mavericks Clean install

The new Mac OS X came out and I was already waiting for it. It has a lot of things that I "need" daily, and therefore I went for a free update (thanks Apple!).

You can see a list of things that are new in Mavericks to understand why I think it's the best thing (after I switch to Mac, around February 2006 - when Apple made the transition to Intel processors).


Securing Drupal

Security procedures

There are several things you should do to make your Drupal website more secure, besides making regular updates based on the information provided in

When deploying to a production server, make sure you have the following rules defined on your .htaccess file.

Web development testing on IE

One of the things every web developer needs to do (sooner or later) is to test his website/webapp in some IE flavor. This is a pain for any Mac, Linux or even Windows user.

For Windows users there are some friendly tools to emulate several IEs, but I've seen that not always work as expected...

Anyway, my favorite way (on Mac OS X) is to use ievms github project which allow you to download the version you need and start testing it.

Route server to private SVN

When developing for several customers, I have to circumvent a lot of issues around networking. The thing that most annoys me is when the SVN server is inaccessible from the server (for whatever reason).

Since I'm always working with tight deadlines, I don't have time to waste asking access on those routes, so I normally make use of the great SSH tunnel feature.

I assume that you are working on LAMP here and, therefore, won't explain how to do it on a Windows machine/server.

So, from your favorite terminal just type:

Multiple fields on same slot

When using SugarCRM, some clients might ask to agregate several fields on just one slot on detail views or edit views, because the fields are related or just because they make sense together.

While Studio doesn't provide you with that option, you can do it easily by changing the metadata files for both detail and edit views. Lets see how:


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