Replace unhealthy disks in your RAID

I've been a happy user of OpenMediaVault which is basically a nice UI for my storage solution build on top of Debian.

I recently had some disks complaining about bad sectors, and since I don't like having unhealthy disks on my RAID 5, I decided to swap them.

First thing is to identify which disk is failing. I normally receive an email with that information, since I run S.M.A.R.T. reports every week (short test) and every month (long tests).


Route server to private SVN

When developing for several customers, I have to circumvent a lot of issues around networking. The thing that most annoys me is when the SVN server is inaccessible from the server (for whatever reason).

Since I'm always working with tight deadlines, I don't have time to waste asking access on those routes, so I normally make use of the great SSH tunnel feature.

I assume that you are working on LAMP here and, therefore, won't explain how to do it on a Windows machine/server.

So, from your favorite terminal just type:

Rsync continuously until it's done

My concept of Done isn't only applied on Scrum, but into my programming as well :)

While syncing my data to do an offsite backup, I often run into connection issues (mostly due to IP changes - since I'm using a dyndns service, because it's free as in beer).

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