Network issues

I've always had problems with VPNs with OS X. What I'm going to explain next, it might be something that happens on other systems too, but I never had them.

I'm using Network Connect from Juniper Networks and I normally don't turn my mac off when I go anywhere. I always put it in sleep mode (close the lid) and move on... that gives me the extra productivity I need (and always look for).

Installing basic network tools in QNAP

Like I said on my first post, I have a QNAP which currently is just serving as a remote (aka offsite) backup server from my main one (Debian based).

I was needing to check the IP addresses of some of my local network gadgets, more specifically the Airport Express IP address. So I just logged in into my NAS, using SSH, and fired the arp -a command and I got a -sh: arp: command not found reply. Not happy.

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